Dan + Elizabeth: Home on the Family Farm

May 3, 2016


I hope you all have the opportunity to meet as selfless people as Dan and Elizabeth.


They have truly lived love in the name of their first born son Leo, a beautiful boy born an angel to them. They have jumped head first in their support of the March of Dimes, doing all that is possible to reach their fundraising benchmarks each year prior to the annual walk. I will never forget one particular moment last winter where I was in complete awe of the power of their love for their little man. On a traditional Sunday Target run, I bumped into Dan and Elizabeth. Their cart was overflowing with any conceivable item one could relate to the holiday season. Through our brief chat I learned enough to piece together they were shopping for one of the families they had “adopted” for the season, meaning they were going to do everything they could to provide this family the best darn Christmas possible.


How incredible is that?


Blown away by their endless capacity for kindness, I was/am honored to be able to take maternity photos as well as their baby photos for the next year. It was such a blessing to be able to spend a warm, sunny May Day afternoon with them at their family farm south of town. Northern Minnesota is sometimes slow to wake after winter’s slumber, but on this particular Sunday afternoon everyone was up and at ‘em—a bright sun imbedded in a blue sky, spikes of green poking through the chocolately cookie crumb ground, and the tree’s buds were beginning to unfurl into lush leaves. It was the absolute perfect setting for a celebration of their life and love.


Dan and Elizabeth have lived through an incredibly fierce storm; they anxiously await their rainbow baby on the horizon, having been the rays of sun that screen out from the dark skies for others. Scroll through a few of my favorites to bask in that light their life and love. 








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