Baby Ivy: Little Lady, Lots of Love I NEWBORN

May 11, 2016


When I rolled into town, my Corolla informed me that is was 92 degrees. For the first Friday in May, that was just too warm, even for the southern half of the state (we hadn’t done much better in the North…we clocked in at 86 degrees before I made my exodus).


By Saturday morning, however, it had cooled right down in time for me to meet a baby who, in the words of her adoring father, was just chill.  I had the great joy of meeting Anna-Lisa and Brady a couple of months back when my arrival into the Twin Cities was greeted with a surprised snowstorm instead of a sweaty heatwave. Since that time their little lady, Ivy, had made her entrance into the world. It was such a treat to be able to photograph the little sweetie for her family just in time for Anna-Lisa’s first Mothers’ Day as a mamma herself. For nearly one hour the littlest lovely took her first close ups in stride—a little sleepy, a little yawny, but all sorts of cute and cuddly, just taking in all the first that were happening around her. For longer that most, she hung right in there with us, allowing us to pose and primp her for her photo shoot.


What was super sentimental, however, was her parents’ reactions to the whole thing. Just as their daughter was super chill, so were the newly minted Mom and Dad in their new world with these new roles. No stress, no fuss…they were as calm and in control as their young one was. These two were living in their new experience just as Ivy was living in her photogenic moment, and they are each simply dominating those moments. These moments, and each one that was captured by my camera, were nothing but love. It was such a blessing to be surrounded and a part of their love that comfortably cool Saturday morning.


Scroll through the snapshots of that morning to find yourself a little bit of this new family’s love. 





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