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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

Minneapolis is home to a magical artist who’s changing the wedding scene in the City of Lakes – Maria Ahrens, a Minneapolis wedding live illustrator. Imagine your wedding not just captured in photos but also illustrated in real-time, creating a masterpiece that breathes the essence of your special day. Part entertainment, part unique favor…one hundred percent amazing.

The Magic of a Minneapolis wedding live illustrator

Maria Ahrens isn’t just an artist; she’s a storyteller. Her talent lies in capturing the fleeting, beautiful moments of your wedding day and turning them into timeless pieces of art. From the delicate lace on your dress to the twinkle in your loved one’s eyes as you say “I do” to the exuberant joy of your guests, Maria’s illustrations are a window to those precious moments.

A Unique Touch to Your Wedding

In the sea of Minneapolis wedding trends, having a live illustrator like Maria is a breath of fresh air. She brings an air of elegance and creativity that’s sure to mesmerize your guests. It’s not just about the final artwork; it’s about the experience – watching a blank canvas come to life throughout your wedding day. Who needs a Photo Booth when a classy drawing is available?

Personalized Artistry

What sets Maria apart is her ability to personalize her art to your story. Each stroke of her marker reflects the unique bond you share with your partner and your guests. She works with you to understand your vision, ensuring that her art resonates with the vibe and theme of your wedding.

A Keepsake to Cherish

Post-wedding, you and your guests are left with a keepsake that’s more than just an illustration; it’s a piece of your love story. Maria’s artwork becomes a fun heirloom, a tangible memory of your day that you can cherish forever.

Bringing Dreams to Canvas

Anyone planning your Minneapolis wedding and looking for something that stands out, Maria Ahrens, the Minneapolis wedding live illustrator, is your go-to. Her art isn’t just seen; it’s felt, and it’s a beautiful way to add a touch of magic to your big day. Learn more about what she can offer your Minneapolis wedding at her website–and give her a follow on Instagram!

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer (and handcrafter and designer on the side). She serves elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullestSee more about the KLP Wedding Experience!

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