February 9, 2021


A Wisconsin waterfall state park adventure elopement. Photography by Kayla Lee.

As I have previously mentioned, elopements are no longer just for trips to Las Vegas. They have quickly become an amazing alternative to traditional weddings. They are perfect micro celebrations that have big memories.

A version of elopements, one that I love, is adventure elopements. The simple definition of an adventure elopement is an elopement that is centered around an outdoor element. This could be hiking, canoeing, skydiving, snowshoeing…anything that takes an adventurous aspect and tie your nuptials to them.

This idea of an adventure elopement is all over instagram–I am sure we have all ooed and awwed over the vow exchanges in front of waterfalls and the mountainside portraits. But is it for you?

There are five realities to making an adventure elopement happen, a handful of things one needs to accept and understand:

  1. Your dress will get dirty. Sorry, but it’s true. Think about where you are planning your adventure (forest, lake, snow, desert) and consider picking your dress based on what is best suited for that environment.
  2. Flowers are fragile. If you are planning on hauling your bouquet and boutonnieres a long way, check with a knowledgeable florist about which blooms and buds are most likely to endure the extremes of your adventure. 
  3. Wear makeup, but be ready to be your own pro. Shop for your wedding day face at a place like Ulta or Sephora; they have professionals who will help you learn how to apply for when you are off the grid or up the mountain. 
  4. Always double check the ceremony specifics of where you are heading. Someplace require an ordained officiant and witnesses; others just need you two. Always know ahead of time so you can make appropriate arrangements so your license is legally legit.
  5. Make sure your photographer fits vision and personality. Sure, a photographer might have the most amazing photos, but do you really want to be spending all that time with them if you don’t click? I get it–it might just be a couple hours–but those are the happiest hours of your life, and you should enjoy anyone who is coming along with you on this adventure.

If you nodded your head as you read these, an adventure elopement might be for you! Tell me…where would you like to go for yours?

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer. She provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullestSee more about the KLP Wedding Experience!




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After fourteen years as a high school educator, I stepped back through a door I thought was closed. Journalism came back into my life. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Communication, I was again challenged and prepared to tell the stories that would become history, but with a twist: It is now your legacy of love that I document. The tension I seek is that from every tear, smile, laugh, and moment of love on your wedding day. 


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