December 1, 2019


Class of 2020, your time is so soon! Be ready for the KLP Senior Experience. Photo by Kayla Lee.

Senioritis is a real phenomenon. Trust me; I am a high school teacher.
It’s with good reason, though: It is an exciting time in our lives. Like the birdie sitting on the edge of the nest, it is time to fly or fall. Despite the potential dangers, it is thrilling to know that big changes are coming, either way.

Social media (and Josten’s) has thrown this ailment into the limelight, and now even juniors get a touch of the antsy-ness towards the end of eleventh grade. They are ready and rearing to do all the senior things and be prepared for their time. It’s fun to see, and as a senior portrait photographer, it is so much fun to be a part of it all!

For that reason, December’s First Things First is to get the KLP Senior Experience all ready for the Class of 2021. We are just a few short months away from the senior photo booking seasons; I want to be ready to serve next year’s juniors as well as I can and as well as they deserve. 

What does this look like? A lot of different things:

  • Assessing what I offer in my senior packages to be sure that they still suit the needs of a senior and their families.
  • Blogging this year’s seniors and showcasing them in The KLP Senior Focus.
  • Updating the KLP Experience Guide with new photographs.
  • Researching and sampling new print and gift items to see how awesome they are so I can offer them to you!
  • Preparing all the tips and advice to help make this year your year!

So it’s a good thing we have winter break coming up, huh?

Most of this senior photo goodness will be released in early spring, so we have some time…Interested in learning more when the time is right? Please fill out this form to be one of the first to receive the updated 2021 KLP Senior Experience Guide! This will also give you first dibs at the limited premier sessions! I carve out just a few spots during the season for senior portraits. They often fill from the list before I officially release dates—so sign up here to be the first to know and secure yourself a little gift upon booking only available to list members! 

First Things First are monthly posts created to stress that month’s main value. See more of past month’s First Things First!

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