September 10, 2019


The gentle yet raspy vocals of Shawn Mullins filled the air of the Cohasset Community Center. His lyrics to “Lullaby” hung heavy on the draped walls or like the tears on the eyelids on nearly everyone in the room. In the middle of the emotion danced Jackie with her daughter, Dana. Earlier that afternoon, Jackie had escorted her youngest daughter down the aisle to Tyler, the man who is now her son-in-law. No doubt the two ladies loved their moment together, but they most certainly wished with all their hearts that Brian, husband and father, could have been there too. 

Dana is one of those personalities that makes anyone who interacts with her beam with joy (lucky for us all she went into nursing, a place where were bubbly nature can overflow into the lives of her patients). Tyler, while a bit more soft-spoken, is his own form of kind and gentle. These two would literally do anything for anyone, and it made celebrating their biggest day that much more enjoyable (they deserved to be served the way they serve others). 

Their wedding party was filled with siblings amongst other family and friends that must have felt the same way. One awesome personal attendant searched and searched until she found the blue garter Jackie wore on her own wedding day, all so Dana could wear it, too. An awesome aunt drove all the way from the metro area and dramatically transformed the community center. Even one of northern Minnesota’s most amazing floral designers came out of retirement to help with their flowers (even adding the sweetest touch of a piece of denim and a Carhartt patch from Brian’s jeans). Anyone and everyone was determined to make this northern Minnesota fall wedding a dream come true. 

And it clearly was…


D R E S S  +  S U I T S // The Wedding Parlour
R I N G S  // JB Kaiser Jewelry + Ken K. Thompson Jewelry
C E R E M O N Y // St. Andrew’s Church
O F F I C I A N T // John Undem
R E C E P T I O N // Cohasset Community Center
R E N T A L S  //  Liisa’s Rentals
C A T E R I N G // Four Seasons

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Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer. She provides services to elegant, authentic, sentimental couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest!

  1. Linda Hynek says:

    You said it perfectly❣️They are an amazing couple!! The wedding was absolutely beautiful ❣️Picture perfect❤️💜♥️

  2. edythe Brown says:

    That was really beautiful. I am friends with the grandma so it was fun to see what she experienced. Was great to see all the pics.

  3. Andrea says:

    It was a beautiful wedding! Such a nice day, for such a nice couple! The decorations were unbelievable! I’ve never seen that building look like that👍🏻👍🏻 And awesome pictures! You sure captured the moments❤️ Congrats to all!

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