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The first task during this scavenger hunt? Find a Hawaiian One Dollar Bill. Keep reading to learn about a couple other fun, little-known DJ games!
The first task during this scavenger hunt? Find a Hawaiian One Dollar Bill.

In my time as a wedding photographer, I have see three amazing DJ tricks that I adore. We often see the shoe game, the dollar dance, and the wedding party mosh pit, but these are a little less run-of-the-mill. 


I don’t know if this is the actual name for what I am about to describe, but it sounds good and I think gets the point across. I’ll be honest: This game is the whole reason I am writing this post  because I love it so much. One of my areas that I know lack in is photos of guests. That’s simply because of timing. Everyone is borderline hangry before dinner is served so they don’t want photos taken then, but then by the time they would be ready we have moved to toasts. This game fixes that. The DJ will start a song, and the objective is for the bride and groom to make it to every table and get their picture taken with every group by the end of the song. Brilliant, right?! I love it, and will forever recommend it.


I have only seen this couple of times, but it was so much fun both times. Basically the DJ leads a hybrid scavenger hunt/musical chairs; the goal is for the participants to be the last two standing so they can find the final, most important item on the list. It’s always a hoot, and makes for some great candid, joyful moments. It’s a ton of fun!


This is such an oldie but a goodie. Basically every couple gets on the dance floor after the first dance and daddy/daughter-mother/son dances. One by one, the DJ asks the couples to leave based on their time married (so those who have been married less than a day are asked to leave, then less than a month, a year…you get the idea). The goal is to end up with the longest married couple left; the DJ then asks them to give the newlyweds a little marriage advice. It’s so sweet and a nice way to transition into party dancing.

DJs don’t so much jockey discs anymore, but they do provide a whole world of entertainment at weddings. Talk to them about what fun they can bring and see how they intend to get your party started!

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