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Jun 18, 2019

Sidney (also known as Nin) proved very quickly that grades don’t necessarily reflect true skill.

From the minute she picked up the microphone at The Grands at Mulligan’s to toast and roast her sister, Tori, and her groom, Cody, until she put it down to hug them, she demonstrated so much more skill than a supposed B in Public Speaking would imply. Leveraging everyone’s favorite non-rhetorical rhetorical device (Google), she walked us all through the steps it takes to write a maid of honor speech. She told embarrassing stories about groutfits, gave as much relationship advice as a single girl can, and shouted out to her college friends who came along to celebrate this couple.

The speech, like the day, was worthy of an A+ (if you believe in grades).

Speaking of grades, it was way back in eighth grade when this story began. As the greatest middle school stories go, this was simply prequel as their love followed them into high school; it was during this time that an iconic photo of them holding hands, walking across a bridge–truly symbolic of a couple where no leads or follows, but rather they go together, side-by-side. It would be a mere five years later when they would recreate this sentimental photo at their Jay Cooke State Park engagement session.

And it was just under a year after that where they held hands in the sanctuary of The Church of St. Joseph, where with an exchange of rings and a first kiss, they became husband and wife.

There is no doubt that they will continue to do so much by each other’s side. These two aren’t just a couple, they are a team, and they will continue to always work towards their goals as such. There is a house to build, more dogs to make fur family…and they will do it all together, all for one another.

Congratulations again, Tori + Cody!!

C E R E M O N Y // The Church of St. Joseph
C E R E M O N Y // The Church of St. Joseph
V E N U E // The Grand at Mulligans
V E N U E // The Grand at Mulligans
D R E S S // Diamond Bride + Tux
F L O R A LS // Kay’s Bouquets
R I N G S // D. J. Bitzen
E N T E R T A I N M E N T // St. Cloud DJ


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