June 20, 2019


I was just going about my business this past Saturday, photographing the floral details while the florist Kay was doing her thing and setting up the greenery on the table. As I was examining the bridesmaids bouquets and determining which of the boutonnières I would use for a detail shot, I saw them: Three floral arrangements that appeared to be on

…bracelets? No, they were too big, and there was already a plethora of gorgeous corsages that would soon adorn their respective wrists.

…headbands? Probably not,  as they clearly adjustable in a way I never had seen headbands be.

…collars? YES. They were collars. FOR DOGS.

To confirm my suspicion, I asked Kay if that’s what they were. “Oh yes,” she replied. “Her three dogs are serving as flower girls at the church.”

I squealed at a frequency that would no doubt have made the trio of fur babies howl had then be there with us at The Grand at Mulligans.

It is no shocker to learn I love dogs. A lot. I have always been that dog person—the one who goes up to a stranger to say hi to the hound in their arms or at the end of a leash—even well before Instagram and social media made it cliche to love dogs more than people (I don’t necessarily love dogs more than people…but they are pretty close to equal). Photographer and writer Roger Caras said it best when he said “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole;” I lived 34 decent years without him, but life sure seems better when I have Benny the Happy Jack Russell on my lap or my side (that lap was previously warmed by FiFi the Poodle, who for seventeen years kept close to me. I miss her so much, so often).

Because of this, I am always so incredibly excited when clients want to incorporate their puppers and doggos into their sessions. They are a part of our lives; they are too often there when no one else is. They love us at our best, our worst, the in-between when we don’t know what’s next…but we do know that with those soulful eyes, licking kisses, and playful companionship, it will be OK.

This post is dedicated to all the fur family that has joined us during sessions with their people parents to help share in the love and celebration…and treats.

Want to see more dogs? Visit Daily Dog Tag–and check out Suri’s and Sadie + Mollie’s feature on that blog!

Want to see more dogs? Visit Daily Dog Tag–and check out Suri’s and Sadie + Mollie’s feature on that blog!

Want to see more dogs? Visit Daily Dog Tag–and check out Suri’s and Sadie + Mollie’s feature on that blog!

Kayla Lee is a Minnesota-based wedding and elopement photographer who provides services to elegant, authentic, joyful couples who not only choose their own adventures, but also live them to the fullest.

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