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Everything needs a mission statement, and every brand needs a brand position. It doesn’t matter if we are big-time multinational corporations or even a ninth grade English student. These mantras and mottos serve as our compass, guiding our purpose and giving us direction to reach our goals.
Kayla Lee Photography has lived by the brand position of being “photography for elegant, authentic, joyful couples who not only choose their own adventure, but live them to the fullest.”  You will see this right on the homepage of the website, at the bottom of every blog post, and in the KLP experience guides.
But what does that mean? How does one arrive at that place? Well, I took a good long look at what past sessions have looked like…
We rode in gondolas to the top of a mountain.
We walked out on cracking ice.
We stood before/behind/below/on top of waterfalls.
We waded waist deep into the water.
We were (lovingly) slobbered on countless times.
We teetered on a hillside.
We crunched my way through snow.
We balanced in a canoe.
We boated across a lake to reach a secret spot.
We scaled a side of a quarry.
…and I realized that my couples, the ones I come to know and love, are the classiest of people who have a natural thirst for adventure. They appreciate uniqueness and like a little edginess to their images; they are dead set on being themselves and celebrating their love like no one else. They still want all the glitz and glam and dapper dress, but they know they can have that in the middle of the woods, on the banks of a roaring river, or on the top of a mountain. They known that they define what it means for them to be a “bride” or “groom,” and those definitions will ultimately inspire who they are as husband and wife.
Because of this, I provide photography services photography for elegant, authentic, joyful couples who not only choose their own adventure, but live them to the fullest.




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