April 15, 2019


One of the oldest tips in the marketing book is to pick three words that describe your brand or business. The idea behind this is that it gives potential clients insights in regards to brand position–that is, what your business stands for, what it represents, things like that.
While I was cruising around the North Shore this weekend, I thought about this very concept. WWhat are the three words I think represent Kayla Lee Photography?
What do I want my photography to say?
I want it to do more than just “say”…I want my photography to shout these three words:
1. Natural. I have made it my mission to keep my editing minimal: No drastic mood swings created by color, limited warmth to prevent unnatural tans, zero excessive Photoshop elements (so if there wasn’t a unicorn there, it will not be in your image. Sorry…). Posing results in natural, authentic movements that are what you would do in real life, not just for pinterest.All of these things are fine and beautiful and help make photography the amazing and eclectic art form it is. For me, however, I want my clients to look back at their images and see the day that was. True to my photojournalistic self, I want nothing but your beautiful reality left at the end of the event. I want your photos to be saturated with only your emotions, nothing else.
2. Elegant. In my mind, elegant does not equate to wealth or opulence; elegance in my definition (and the one at dictionary.com) is more about being refined and having sophistication.  As I stated with my editing, I am big on minimalism. I like clean backgrounds, sophisticated presentation, and unique ideas. I see the world as a little more subtle with pops of color here and there. Does this mean ballgowns and pearls? Not at all, but I believe that the images I produce for you should be mature and classic, allowing them to stand the test of time.
3. Adventurous. KLP Couples have naturally come with a sense of adventure: Going off the grid for their elopement, standing in the middle of a bridge for that perfect engagement photo, getting married at the top of a mountain or in the middle of the lake, salmon fishing as a honeymoon…you get what I mean. I love this. As your photographer, I love pushing that envelope with you, seeing how far we can go with an idea. This is a big reason why I offer free travel within the state of Minnesota: It is so amazing to see the corners of this state through the lens of your love, which is what I see when I photograph your wedding or engagement session in your dream setting. You are always the most authentic when you are in your environment doing what you love with the one you love, and that’s what I (literally) shoot for.
As you select your wedding photographer, it isn’t a bad idea to ask them what three words they think describe their photography. There is power in those choices, and for you it may mean finding that perfect fit

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After fourteen years as a high school educator, I stepped back through a door I thought was closed. Journalism came back into my life. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Communication, I was again challenged and prepared to tell the stories that would become history, but with a twist: It is now your legacy of love that I document. The tension I seek is that from every tear, smile, laugh, and moment of love on your wedding day. 


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