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Hey there, KLP couples of past, present, and future!
How’s it going over there on your side of the screen? How is that cup of Caribou Coffee or local brew you are no doubt nursing as you read this (or are now thinking about now that I’ve mentioned it…dang, sounds good, doesn’t it)?
I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for being you.
Do you know why I love my title as your wedding photographer? It’s because you brought your dogs to your wedding portraits. It’s because we had to take a boat to get to your session’s venue; it’s because a boat WAS the venue. It is because you wore Muck Boots or Sorels under your gorgeous gown or with your snappy tux. It’s because you had a horse-drawn sleigh ride to your reception. It is because you knew what you wanted and pulled it together perfectly in no time. It is because you had a BBQ for your dinner (and so many awesome sides to go with it). It is because we were so far off the grid cell phones didn’t work. It is because you wanted to see that new state park you hadn’t been to yet. It is because you love fall as much as I do. It is because your venue shows just how much of a history lover you are. It is because you are about your traditions, new and old, and that you love your milestones in your story.
It is because you did not sacrifice who you are for your experience. Your wedding day was true to who you are: A elegant, authentic, joyful couple who not only continue to choose your own adventures, but live them to the fullest… and that is the most beautiful element a bride and groom can incorporate into their wedding day. I love your stories because they are truly like no one else’s, and I am so honored to be the one who got to see it all first-hand and record your vision for generations to come so anyone who sees your photos can say “Those two did love their way.”
Please let me know if there is anything I can ever do for you. Love you all.
PS: If you are reading these having already had your gorgeous wedding day, thank you; if you are crossing off the days on the calendar, counting down to your big day, I cannot WAIT. In either case, please feel free to request access to the little community that has been created to honor your moment.
PPS: If you are elegant and adventurous AND interested in FREE engagement film photos, please click here to learn how we can make that happen!




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