October 17, 2018


I have been doing a little tweaking around my little home online, my website, and I took inventory of all the things I say…as well as all the things I don’t.
I get it: Booking a photographer is hard. It is so much more than just the pretty pictures (although those are important, too). There’s a lot that goes into a wedding gallery, and I wanted to write for you to explain a little bit about how I go about business over here at Kayla Lee Photography:
  • Posing: I would call what I do gentle gesturing more than posing. Rather than posing you into a specific mold or form, I encourage movement that allows you to naturally move and leverage your own mannerisms. When you look at your wedding photos, you should only see the couple you are, never the photographer or what they told you to do. I most definitely give instruction, but I do so in a way to let your natural selves shine through.
  • Culling: If you don’t know what culling is, it is simply the process of removing photos that are not up to standard–so they are duplicates, blurry, look like you or your love are picking your nose…things like that. I actually cull as I edit, which allows me to process images that otherwise may not have made the cut.
  • Editing: I use LightRoom for my edits. It allows me to create consistency with your images so they look like they came from the same event. I do use Photoshop for specific tweaks to clean them up just a little bit more.
  • Gallery Delivery: I deliver your images using an online gallery called Pixieset. It allows me to categorize your images and create folders so you can easily access specific images. You are also able to download them one at a time. These galleries stay online for one year, and then they are removed (but don’t worry–I keep files back up for 10 years, assuming there isn’t some major technological catastrophe where my storage gets wiped or swiped, so if you need to replace them after the link is down we can most likely make that happen).
  • Second Shooter: Remember, I am journalistic in my attitude and practice, so I shoot fast. Like, really fast. This means that I get a ton (A TON) of photos. For this reason, I don’t emphasize a second shooter. It is not just about quantity, but also quality for me. It is always an option from the a la carte menu, but it is not something that I feel I need to include in packages. Sure, I could bring a man-friend with to help, but I have not found a void in my style or galleries where a second set of eyes (and a second camera) is required.
  • Style: I would describe my style as definitely journalistic. To me, this means I look at all parts of your wedding day–your attire, flowers, venue, type of ceremony–as major contributors to the whole story of your relationship. All of those pieces form the narrative of your love, your new lives, so it is so important to capture all parts to get the whole story.
  • Training: I am one thesis away from a Masters of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Digital Communication + Mass Communication, and this has been instrumental in my business. This is what allows me to capture candids in a way that are more akin to Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalists–emotional, one-of-a-kind, and true to you.
  • Favorite things to Shoot: Details and couple portraits! I love the styling and set up that comes with shooting details as well as the chance to see the unique elements that you have for your day!
So, there you have it; now you know a little bit more about how I do this thing called wedding photography. If you would like to chat further, reach out and we can get together for some kind of brew!

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At home on the road. Forever-focused on authenticity and the thrilling art of creation; always found in the moments that leave me breathless and in awe. 

After fourteen years as a high school educator, I stepped back through a door I thought was closed. Journalism came back into my life. Armed with a Masters of Arts in Communication, I was again challenged and prepared to tell the stories that would become history, but with a twist: It is now your legacy of love that I document. The tension I seek is that from every tear, smile, laugh, and moment of love on your wedding day. 


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