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Funny, friendly, fantastic Freja is TWO I F A M I L Y

Jun 6, 2018



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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.


Never underestimate the power of a bubble.


Freja could not get enough of the opalescent orbs that jutted forward from the blunt green barrel of the bubble gun her mom and dad brought to Longview Park, just for their family photo session. The hope was this could bring a smile to her face (not that Freja was every too hesitant about grinning in the previous sessions where this lovely little lady stood before my camera), but these bubbles did the trick (PS: Bubbles now come scented–what a time to be a kiddo!).


Even more efficient than the bubbles? Letting Freja herself be in control of that trigger. Showering her parents with a blast of suds, she was nothing but mischievous laughter as she looked back at me, then at her parents, then at the bubble blower, which started the cycle all over again.


It was another day, another trip to the park, another round of family photos with a trio that only those of us who are lucky get to call friends. It was a warm, lazy Sunday before Memorial Day when we all met at the locally loved park in Coleraine, Minnesota, for a sweet session to capture Freja’s almost-second birthday. Fully mobile, Freja now has an adorable toothy smile that gives way to an ever-expanding vocabulary that she is not afraid to use (unless she is tired…but who doesn’t stop talking when it is close to their naptime?).


Starting out in front of the iconic blue doors of a nearby church, Freja took us all around the area. We stopped at the swings. We went down the slide. We played in the dandelions. We rocked it out on a vintage piece of playground equipment. We took a little walk by the lake.


Whatever we did, Freja the Two Year Old loved it as much as her parents loved her…and here is the proof:





























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