Bright, cheery, devoted: Rylee, class of 2018 I SENIORS

June 14, 2018


This was a blog post I have sat on for awhile, for no other reason that there wasn’t the time and place to write it…until now. The tassles may have been turned and the grad parties in process, but it is never too late to honor those who deserve it.
When I started this photography business while still teaching high school English and Social Studies, I didn’t know if I would ever photograph a former student–I don’t use my “teacher name” in my business, nor do I market in the town in which I teach. I just kind of let it be, and don’t push the issue.
But Rylee found me, booked me, and spent an evening by the MIssissippi River as we captured her senior memories.
I have known Rylee since she was in 9th grade; that’s when it became clear that she was a strong, independent thinker who did what was right not by her, but by others, for the good of others. This meant that she not only holds herself to a higher standard, but those she also comes in contact with. I remember a very sharp young lady one time taking a fellow student to task for their misguided comments one day. I don’t remember the reason, but I very much remember the passion with which she defended her side.
Rylee is by no means short of passions. In the years that I have known her, she has been dedicated to many different activities: Swimming, karate (where she has reached the level of black belt), band, and track and field. She has expressed that she hopes to continue both band and swim at the next level.
Rylee is no doubt a respectable role model, and will continue to be one as she moves from high school into college where she hopes to immerse herself in the field of psychology.
Bright, cheery, and devoted, that’s the Rylee I know, that’s the Rylee of the Class of 2018…

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