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March 22, 2018


As I walked out to my car these recent mornings, I noticed the beautiful glittery frost on the grassy ground that was sparkling in the rising sun’s rays; it is these late winter moments that make me smile to be Minnesotan.
There are other moments, too, that make this time of year so, so pretty–such as the clarity of the cloudless blue sky and the arriving waterfowl who make the icy, scalloped edges of rivers and lakes home while they wait for spring’s open water. Every year, I find that I am very much like these geese and ducks, though; as cool as these phenomenons may be, it is literally too cool outside, and it’s nice to know spring weather is on it’s way.
As it does for the gardeners and growers amongst us, this time of year and the early days of spring always makes me think about regrowth and rebirth and renewal. This is an idea that is rampant is literature, from The Canterbury Tales by Chaucer to the poems of Walt Whitman. For this reason, I am always fel more motivated this time of the year, and I try to set goals and plans for spring to help me bud and bloom just as the lilacs and lilies do.
Here are my top three aspirations for this season:
  • Continue to blog twice a week. To help my writing become more and more fluid (as well as provide you with as much helpful content as I can), I want to be sure that I am writing for you at least twice a week.
  • Start moving (somehow). Last year, my goal was to start running again. Running for me is the best excuse to be outside in the nice weather, and it has been something I do enjoy. It’s been a couple years since I’ve taken it to the streets, so I would like to get back at it. In addition to that, however, I have also tried cross fit for the first time, so I would sure like to keep up with that.
  • Go podcastin’ at least once. A couple of summers ago, I fell in love with creating podcasts about northern Minnesota. These were first assignments for a grad school class that I dreaded as I am not too keen on recording my voice (the struggle was real just to have a legitimate voicemail message), but then they became a passion–one I sadly did not have much time for. I want to carve out enough time to get back to this and get out of my comfort zone.
  • Make a video.
How about yourself? What goals can you set for springtime? I challenge you to pick one thing that you want to accomplish this spring–be it walking or training for a 5K or even just to take a photo a day (The Snap Happy Mom Blog has an amazing spring photo checklist)–and just do it! I think you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish! I look forward to hearing (and seeing) your amazingness on the hashtag #kaylaleemademedoit to let us all know how you are making the most of these extra hours of daylight.

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