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It’s the #boldnorth, they say.
Bolder than the north, however, is a couple of Southwesterners who braved everything that a Minnesota winter has to offer. Without coats. And boots. Plus no mittens or gloves.
(All of this while I, a life-long Minnesotan recoiling to the inside my North Face for dear life).
As a native of New Mexico, Alyssa never expected to move to the polar opposite side of the country, especially the side that is very much like one or both of the Poles; California-born Thomas had similar thoughts. But, after they met in college, it became clear that where ever one went, the other would follow.
That lead them both to marvelous Mankato, Minnesota, early this year when Alyssa got the job of the lifetime after years of work towards her career goals. Within the few weeks they have been here, they have been up to Minneapolis a handful of times, and loving the elements of the city (especially the area by the Stone Arch Bridge and Mill Ruins Park).
For their engagement session, however, they wished for something a little more natural, a location that had a little bit more of the Minnesota winter magic. There is one location perfect for that: Minnehaha Falls and the beautiful blue (but basically off limits) ice caves. It was so perfect, there were two dozen individuals exploring the very grounds upon which Alyssa and Thomas were two cuddle and kiss.
Two dozen people who were threatened with trespassing tickets by Minneapolis Police Department (a lesson learned that being #boldnorth can be a hazard to your criminal record).
But being flexible is just as Minnesotan as being bold, and being the land of 10,000 lakes, there are always options. We took the show down the road to another little winter wonderland, Hidden Falls Regional Park, and this couple did was they do best: Be in love. The laughed, giggled, snuggled, and smooched all across that little park. They could not be more ready for their August wedding in a vineyard back home, but they are taking the time to enjoy the moment, enjoy this season of their lives and all the adventures–including all that this season in their new home has to offer.




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