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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

I have known new mamma Afton for basically ever. Even though we were not in the same grade in school nor did we attend the same college, much of our similar interests gave us something to talk about any time our paths would cross, be that archery or animals or education. This past Sunday, our paths crossed again for the cutest little nine-day-old reason, her newborn son Mason.


This chill little dude, the firstborn for Afton and her husband David, was literally born a model. This little sweetie just snuggled and snoozed for the entire time we shot. Not a tear, not a wail, not one moment of discontent. Not even all the pauses so Mom, Dad and Grandma Shelley could gush over how incredibly cute his is disturbed his photogenic slumber (the pauses were more than necessary, because Mason’s cuteness really is quite hypnotic…already he has an incredible power to make anyone around stop and smile. We may have a little heartbreaker in the making…).  


A part of me wants to believe his contentment was because of all the goodies he was surrounded by as we posed him; here he was, the love of his parents’ lives, amongst all the things they cannot wait to share with him. Between hunting and horses, the outdoors and more, Mason no doubt has a lot of adventure ahead of him, and it best be known that his parents (and grandparents, and Auntie Kelly and Uncle Bud) are beyond excited to share that world with him.


Here is a little bit of the beginning of this new world for Mom, Dad, and Mason…






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