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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

Agreements were arranged; promises were made. Kaylin and Daniel were on the same page about this.


Or so Daniel thought, until he saw their first piece of cake come straight up towards his face from below.


Naturally, Daniel’s first response was retaliation, which was evident as he chased Kaylin out the front door of Camp Esquagama’s main hall with a fist full of cake. Of course, they both bounced back in partially frosted, but fully smiling.


This was just one chapter in the wedding day of Kaylin and Daniel, but it provides the perfect peek into their attitude. As it was said during their speeches, Kaylin is a sweet-yet-spunky woman, and Daniel is her equal match: A gentle giant with a hidden edge. The two of them are truly complementary of each other, as they balance in a way that would make anyone feel their joy–a contested joy, as the shoe game created controversy as both bride and groom insisted that they made the first move.


Regardless as to who took the first step to make it possible, every single one of their guest ever feel their joy this past Saturday along the waters of Esquagama Lake. In fact, more than once was it said that “I can’t believe you didn’t do this sooner.” Sentiments like this were sprinkled throughout the night, but the mother-of-the-groom put it best when she explained why Daniel, after a childhood of moves and new hometowns, ended up in Palo, Minnesota: “This is why,” she commented, as she teared up, looking at the bride and groom together, as if they hadn’t ended up in a little town on Minnesota’s Iron Range, none of us would have be there that day.


And what it day it was, from sun-up to the sundown photographs where they affectionately posed one last time, it was a day that was unquestionably and unapologetically Kaylin and Daniel.








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