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Hi there! Welcome to the KLP Blog, a journal about all the things that I love about life. Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm kayla.

I know Mother Nature knows best; she knows when we need rain and snow…all the things that could equate to big chaos for any photo session, but it’s a special sort of catastrophe on a wedding day.


 Some days, however, I cannot help but feel she is fully aware of this fact, and holds off as long as she can to allow brides and grooms their moment in the literal sun.


That was the story of this past Saturday at the wedding of Jamie and Mike. The forecast was not looking good—the iPhone first said only rain, then the little grey cloud with the little lightening bolt came along and stayed.


Thankfully, this couple could brighten any grey day. The joy that pours from each of them in their own ways—Jamie through pure spunk and Mike via an endearing smile—could never be undone by a couple of raindrops. These two are solid, unwavering, and in love. These two are amazing.


To add onto their strength as a couple is their foundation as a family. Between the two of them, they bring together three young men who couldn’t be any more a trio of brothers; the two oldest (who could certainly be twins) work so well together, they became the best temporary employees I could ever ask for as they worked by photo booth, dividing up the work and taking turns with duties. It was impressive, and a true testament to this couple.


Mother Nature must agree: On a day when nothing but rain was expected, there was just enough of a break in the clouds to allow Jamie and Mike to break away for a few photos outside in the sort-of sun.


But seriously, take a peek. That golden globe way up there in the sky has nothing on these two sweethearts and their big day…















































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