Finding my Footing: Living Life in Tieks I FAVORITE THINGS

May 2, 2017



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The problem is, shoes haven’t always loved me back.


At first, I didn’t listen. The tightness and pinching wasn’t a red flag (nor was the actual redness that was blotched across my feet at the end of the day). It wasn’t until my neck started to throw fits that I realized I needed to find a way to stay cute and comfortable.


That’s when Tieks entered my life.


I didn’t go straight to Tieks. I am a wannabe racer, and found that training in even the most reputable running shoes still jarred my neck; research led me to Vibram Five Fingers, which relieved much tension in its replication of being barefoot. Novel idea, I though, and I wondered if I could find that in flats as well (because it is naive to assume that all flats are anything like being barefoot. Think again).


For me, Tieks replicate being barefoot. The broken blue sole with the leather midsole provides flexibility that other flats just cannot. Tieks sizing it also impeccable–when they say order a size down if you are a half-size, they mean it. And you should definitely listen.

Their customer experience is also second-to none. When one first opens the slim box, they are presented with not only an adorable flower decoration (which I sure hope I am not the only customer who thought to use it as a baby headband…). In addition to this, there is a handwritten thank you card with specifics about your order (when I pictured my third pair, it even referenced that!). How nice!

It’s not just the customer service that is amazing; the owners also have a drive towards conscious consumerism that is, in my opinion, and important part of entrepreneurship. The brother and sister team of Kfir and Dikla Gavrieli have given much to an organization called Kiva, which allowed users to grant micro loans to those who aspire to utilize entrepreneurship to help raise their standard of living. Pretty great, huh? 


And that’s just the beginning. Opening the teal box reveals just a peek of the collapsible-yet-comfortable shoes; taking them out and opening them up reveals not only a world of coziness, but also convenience: Every pair comes with a little pouch for your Tieks as well as a foldable tote for your other shoes (if you have them) or other goodies (such as the tasty ones found at a farmer’s market).

But what about the reason why I bought them? How do they function as shoes? For me, they are perfect. They are thin but yet cushy, and they are snug enough to not flop around without being pinchy. I can wear them all day teaching as well as all evening as I take photographs without any pain.


But what really gets my heart loving hard on these little lovelies is the lack of a shoe hangover the next day. Like I’ve mentioned, my neck is a disaster, and so often after a workday in regular shoes, I am done for, doubled-over with pain that I am certain has been the reason why I have suffered from migraines for so long. Tieks have drastically reduced these moments, and for that fact I will forever be a customer. I am seriously addicted (to the point where I was certain to have my foot tattooed right above the “Tiek Line”).  

For what they’re worth, these shoes are definitely a value for their amenities. These babies in a blue box provide well beyond their style, and this is why I consider them a favorite thing.



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