Little Lady Ivy is Nine Month! I A YEAR OF SMILES

February 23, 2017


 At nine months old, Ivy has clearly become a little woman-in-the-making. In my last meeting with her, I learned she has a morning make-up routine with Momma, loves her neon green ball, and takes a couple moments to wake up, and then she is all smiles.


I dig you, littlest girlfriend, especially on the final point.


It has been such a treat to have been invited into this lovely family’s home for photos for the last nine months. Every Saturday or Sunday we meet and I am welcomed into Brady and Anna-Lisa’s life, and I get to see first-hand all the love they have for their daughter as well as for each other.


This particular Sunday in January was especially exciting because Ivy was able to demonstrate many of her new skills that she was more than excited to show the camera. She can easily pull herself up onto her feet to play. She is also full of thoughts and ideas, which she willingly and happily shares with anyone who will listen. She still beams at the sight of her daddy, which brings nothing but joy to her mamma’s heart (she grins just as hard and as big for mom, too, which is super-sweet). Ivy absolutely loves snuggles, and seems so content when she is cuddling with mom and dad (which doesn’t seem to bother either of them too awful much). She can totally rock Chuck Taylors and vintage dresses, styling and profiling in both outfits (in addition to the other adorable ensembles she has). Ivy has grown into a high-spirited one in her mere nine months, and there is no doubt that this developing personality of hers is only going to exponentially grow as she moves from infant to toddler to child, as she already becoming quite the young lady.






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