Look who's two-two-two: A northern Minnesota toddler session

September 21, 2016


I don’t know about you, but any session that involves white, furry, fuzzball kitties and bight yellow Tonka trucks is automatically amazing. Pair that with a sweet two-year-old smile, and I just melt.


I was a complete and total puddle during my first session with the adorable Abel last year; I was young in my business, and Abel was young in life, just approaching the one-year-old mark. I spent an early September afternoon with them at an implement dealer, watching the little man run back and forth and giggle and laugh at all the tires and rigs that surrounded him. The leaves were still as green as the John Deere machines that surrounded us, with the trees accented ever so lightly with a touch of yellow and gold. He was in paradise, and I loved being able to be there for it all.


I was incredibly fortunate to be invited back by the family to be a part of his two-year-old birthday celebration. The little man was even more of a little man than he was the year prior, still retaining his sugary smile and a love for all things with an engine (this year, the love was for trains). This year, there was a bit more of tint in color, a few more signs of the fall that was well on its way, but it was just as fun as it was last year. We spent another September afternoon running and playing around the yard, examining every corner and toy he could find.  We even took it to a nearby abandoned train track for him to play along the rails. It was day of smiles, giggles, and laughs that just softened me right to my core again.


Continue through these photos with caution; you’ve been warned about the cuteness that definitely follows…





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