Photographer and client(s) agree that any session location will be a public space, and not on either of their personal properties. It is also agreed by both parties that sanitation of session location is neither of their responsibilities and will nor hold one another accountable for the cleanliness of the location. Client(s) understand that sessions larger that the state's recommended gathering size will not be permitted.

For indoor session, photographer will wear a mask through the duration of the session, and will maintain a distance of at least six (6) feet from client(s) at all times. In the case of outdoor session, a mask will be worn when social distancing cannot be observed. Photographer will also be certain to “pose” and place clients away from any other individuals who may be in the area. Clients are encouraged to have their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their own use during transitional times of the session. Clients will be responsible for their own PPE as well as any needed disinfectant/sanitizer.  

To be certain that wedding day details (such as dresses, rings, invitation suite, reception decor, etc.) are still able to be photographed, clients will be certain to have items set aside in a space that will be secured for the photographer and will allow her to work without 

Only clients immediately pertaining to the ongoing events will be permitted to attend sessions. Example: No friends or family members outside of the client and guardian with whom they live shall be present for a senior portrait photography session (and that person shall wear a mask/PPE). In the case of a wedding, group portraits (ie: family formals and wedding party photos) will only consist of participants who currently cohabitate/will be cohabitating or have been in recent proximity with one another. Participants who have not been in contact with clients will not be allowed to participate in group photographs. Any participants will be expected to have their own masks/PPE for transitional times during period they are required. Clients will produce a desired “shot list” naming the individuals with whom they have been in close physical contact. Deviation from this list will not be permitted and participants will be dismissed from the area in which these photographs are occurring. Photographer is not liable for any infection that occurs as a result of these images, as posing and placement was at the discretion of the client(s).

When possible, all session activity will be held outdoors. Only indoor spaces that can accommodate a six-foot radius will be used. Wedding receptions will be held to the most recent standards set forth by the State of Minnesota in regards to restaurant/bar reopening; receptions not following the state's guidelines will not be photographed. Photographer will be permitted to take breaks and step away from the action every fifteen minutes for five-minute breaks. Photographer will capture receptions from designated spots that will provide photographer with a six-foot space for their personal social distancing. Even once permitted, dancing and late-night reception coverage will not be provided. 

All payments will continue to be made online through Honeybook (which allows for credit, debit, or ACH/bank transfers) or other digital means.

Image delivery will continue to be through an online gallery system. Other products (pressed cards, prints, albums, etc.) will be delivered curbside with contactless delivery or through a courier (USPS, UPS, FedEx).