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January 8, 2020


Groom dips dride outside of the iconic orange door at the Glensheen Mansion, replicating a Glensheen Mansion Wedding. Photograph by Kayla Lee Photography and Design.

Glensheen Mansion weddings.

Enough said, right?

This building is an icon in northern Minnesota. Designed by Minnesota’s architect Clarence H. Johnston for the Congdon family, it was constructed between 1905 and 1908. In 1979, the home was donated to University of Minnesota, and since then it has been a museum that has been the destination of many a school field trip and family vacations.

It is also one of the most unique wedding venues this region can offer, as it is as close to a castle as we will get up here in the northland. There isn’t anything much classier than Glensheen Mansion Weddings.

It is a gorgeous estate, built out of beautiful brick with amazing architecture (Clarence knew what he was doing). There are arches, bridges, and a beautiful orange door that add so much character and class to the backdrop of a wedding. Inside, there is a grand staircase literally right out of the early twentieth century, which is straight up gorgeous and glamorous. There are several cottages and buildings sprinkled around the property, so there is no shortage opportunities for those who enjoy structures.

If the building wasn’t enticing enough, let’s not forget the water. This venue is located right on the shores of Lake Superior, hugged by Tischer and Chester Creek. That’s how it became Glensheen—the home is on the glen, a piece of land secluded by the creeks, that is illuminated by the sheen of the greatest lake). There are trees and gardens galore, too, so there is no shortage of natural beauty to supplement and complement the mansion. Glensheen Mansion weddings get the best of the water world.

The current crew responsible for Glensheen Weddings understand the appeal of the property for ceremonies and receptions alike, and they offer amenities that demonstrate that. One can have ceremony-only (starting at $3000), reception-only ($1400 or more) or both (prices for that coverage begin at $4800). Services covered by the Congdon Mansion crew include day-off coordination, staffing and security, tables and chairs, setup and teardown, and a bonfire to celebrate in true northern Minnesota style.

Interested in learning more about what a Glensheen wedding might look like for you? Visit their wedding page for more specifics, and be sure to follow them on social, both Facebook and Instagram. 

SPECIAL OFFER: I have not shot a wedding at Glensheen, and I would LOVE TO. I am offering $200 off any KLP wedding package or $100 off any KLP elopement package to the couple who book my first Glensheen mansion wedding!  Request a custom proposal to take advantage of this offer!

WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CLARENCE H. JOHNSTON? Back in the day (2015) I took a course where I created a podcast about the very man that designed the Glensheen. If you have an interested and twelve minutes, you can listen to it here!

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