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When one goes into education, there are so many variables that will come into play. Where will my first district be? What will I be teaching first? How many preps will I have?

But sometimes, that randomness, can lead to something bigger in life.

This randomness is what Iowa raised and trained Elsbeth north of the state border into Minnesota. Not too deep into the state—only up to Rochester—but it was far enough for her to find a position as a middle school special education teacher. Just far enough for her to find a incredible collection of coworkers.

It was just far enough for her to find Phil.

Phil is the typical, lovable Minnesota boy. He loves his mom (a fellow teacher), treats his fur babies—kitties Odin and Winnie as well as pupper Gunner—like the real children they are, and he enjoys the wilderness that we here in the Gopher State are lucky to have to its fullest.

This no doubt inspired the decision to get married at Tofte Cove at the Bluefin Bay Resort way up along Lake Superior’s north shore. Tucked down on the time and water-worn rocks with the Great Lake lapping the shoreline in the background, these to said “I do” in an intimate ceremony officiated by the bride little brother, Connor. He likened marriage to that of a fire—it alll starts with a spark, and, with a little tending to and care, that spark can provide warmth and comfort not only to those who ignited the flame, but also to those with whom they invite into their lives, into their glow.

These two definitely have a spark between them, and like the bonfire that warmed their guests at their Surfside reception, the love these to have for each other and for life will serve themselves and their friends and families.

Congratulations again, Elsbeth + Phil!!




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