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Jamie was simply sitting in class one day when she received a text from her sister, Katie. According to Jamie, it is not uncommon for Katie to urgently need to talk, but this text, which read boldly “EMERGENCY 911,” forced Jamie to book it with her textbooks out of her class to see what was the matter.


The emergency? Katie met a boy. But he wasn’t just any old boy. It was the boy she was going to either marry, or who was going to break her heart.


And, as Katie wiped tears from her eyes as Jamie told us in attendance at the Columbia Golf Club this story, she was comforted with a hug from behind by that boy, Michael, her new husband.


The guestbook that was signed at the wedding of Katie and Michael was an adventure book—just like the sweet book at the center of “Up!.” It would be easy to say now the adventure for them begins, but the path to this day has been an adventure of its own. As we learned during their engagement session, North Carolina native Katie met her Minnesota Man Michael while he was stationed in NC while active in the United States Marine Corps. One thing led to another, and before too long, they had ended up here in Minnesota, together, married in Minneapolis.


It was a complete north meets south affair, where Katie was surrounded by her soft-sounding, southern accented bridesmaids (each one sweetly and lovingly called “Boo” by the beautiful bride) and Michael grouped together with his mostly Midwestern family and friends (including his hoot of a brother, Paul, who was just as sentimental as he was funny).


Between the southern hospitality and the Minnesota nice, it was a wonderful day that is no doubt the beginning of many wonderful adventures for Katie and Michael. 





Venue // Columbia Golf Course

Dress // BHLDN

Bridesmaid Dresses // Show Me Your MuMu

Catering // Green Mill Catering

Flowers // Sam’s Club




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