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Because the best direction is up north: Truths for the Minnesota Destination Bride I EDUCATION

As a lifelong resident of northern Minnesota, I forget that our natural and manmade wonders aren’t always so wonderful to those of us who sadly take them for granted; but when you look closely at the treasures his region contains, it is no wonder why for some is the perfect place for their destination wedding.


I have had several brides who chose this amazing corner of our country as their ideal locations for their nuptials; I photographed guests who have traveled anywhere from down the block to across the world to join their couples in “da nort.”


I love my destination brides and grooms…you, my lovely reader, might just be the next blushing bride to make northern Minnesota their wedding wonderland! How can you tell? Well, you might enjoy a northern Minnesota destination if:


  1. You fell in love with your college town (almost as hard as you did with your fiancé ). I loved Duluth long before I became a UMD Bulldog, but there is something extra special about it having lived there during my undergraduate years (but that’s the hazards of life in a northern college town). Sometimes, a wedding is the perfect excuse to escape back to that town and those years (especially if it was the locale that place where your love story started).

  2. You like the outdoors. A lot. Northern Minnesota has the market cornered when it comes to wilderness. We have water, trees, rocks, fields, and a Disney Princess caliber people-to-wildlife ratio; we enjoy all seasons. We really have it all somewhere in the state. All of them, even winter, make for magical wedding moments. And talk about selection of venues! From state parks to resorts to camps, virtually everywhere you look there is a beautiful location for your big day.

  3. You like history. No, we’re not the oldest state in the union, but we do have some pretty cool things that are pretty important. Some are legitimately old (like Itasca State Park or the Lost Forty), while others simply nod at the oldest industries via a gorgeous tour of Lake Superior (such as the Vista Fleet) or are straight-up historic venues (The Glensheen? The Charles A. Lindbergh House? Both have hosted a wedding or two). If you’re in search of something unique, Minnesota might just be uncommon enough to play host to your wedding traditions.

  4. You just want to come home. I have a pair of ruby red Christian Louboutins that I bought for one purpose: Future engagement photos on the Yellow Brick Road downtown in Grand Rapids. Am I a big Wizard of Oz or Judy Garland fan? Not as much–I haven’t been to a Judy Garland Festival since I was seven (and even that was probably for mini donuts…quick note about me: I am easily moved by donuts). It’s simply because Grand Rapids is home, and no matter how complex our relationships are with where we grew up, no matter how far we want to run from them, we undoubtedly leave a Hansel and Gretel-like trail to always find our way back (I bet even the elusive Bob Dylan thinks back to the days before he was “Tangled Up in Blue” and was just another Hibbing Bluejacket). You can go home for your wedding, and if home is northern Minnesota, you’re one lucky loon.


These are just four of the many, many reasons to consider northern Minnesota for your destination wedding. Intrigued? Interested? Check out Explore Minnesota for inspiration, or feel free to reach out for more information!





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